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What We Do

Women Owned Narratives is about owning our stories. Working together to raise the voices of women, to share the opportunities and challenges we encounter. Storytelling is inspiring and universal – storytelling is celebrated in all cultures. 

We believe in providing accessible programming, enabling all women to participate. We also recognize all of us have stories to share, from youth to older women.

All of our stories are different, and all of them are valid. It is sharing our stories that builds connection.


Grassroots group of volunteers, empowering women, acknowledging roles, fostering community, and promoting inclusion.


Elevate women's voices, share opportunities, challenges, inspire through diverse storytelling, and build connections.


Create community platform, facilitate healthy discussions, provide accessible programming, celebrate diversity, and achieve gender parity.

At Women Owned Narratives (WON), we realize how important it is to empower women and show the value in their experiences because that’s how we can truly make changes,” says Ornela Thieba, co-founder of Women Owned Narratives. “The journey to success can be overwhelming and lonely, which is why it is important for WON to showcase not just the triumphs, but also the struggles.”

Vanessa Goldade, Sr. SBM Business Partner at Enbridge, firmly believes in equity and inclusion. “If you invite someone to the table, but you fail to include them in the conversation, then you are missing out on the experiences and contributions of that person. By truly embracing equity and inclusion, studies show that companies, communities and our families benefit.”

Cathy Clonts is passionate about learning and creating opportunities for growing connections. With a background in marketing and events, she worked to bring a diverse group of individuals together to offer an exciting program. She is humbled that this grassroots effort has transitioned to the organization Women Owned Narratives. “We can’t wait to host more programs enabling individuals of all gender identities to build community.”

Kyara Reynoso is the Youth Engagement Coordinator with Volunteer Alberta, a diverse and inclusive member association strengthening and creating pathways for volunteerism and civic engagement in Alberta.

Kyara is passionate about helping people and engaging with the community.

Pere Kennedy is a graduate of the University of Calgary. Her interests lie primarily in women’s global health. She attended the International Women’s Day program in 2022 and has since joined our team, helping to put together the resource fair for the 2023 IWD Event. This fall she is looking forward to studying Global Health specializing in Maternal and Child Health at the University of Geneva, Switzerland and will be continuing with us as an international social media collaborator.

Klarissa Cruz graduated from the University of Calgary and teaches eighth and ninth graders.